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Urban Exploration Colorado
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Urban Exploration Colorado
A community for Urban Explorers in the Eastern Plains and Rocky Mountain regions.

November 2009
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Rachel [userpic]
Feel free to tease the newbies

Where's a good place to start if you're new to urban exploring?

My friend and I did Southglenn mall when they were demolishing it. Rubber Gates has always been one of those "we should" places, but since the Westword article I'm assuming that it's locked up tight with everyone and their mother watching. Plus, I don't think we're that experienced, and elevator shafts don't sound like fun. (But while I'm here: Is anyone else planning on going to Rubber Gates soon? We'll bake you cookies if you tell us how it goes.)


Re: gates isn't so bad

Have you gone? Is it easy to find a way in? For some reason I have this idea that it's all closed up, but that might not be true.

Re: gates isn't so bad

ive been there before its frigin awesome if ur worried about time though and that place is still there be sure to checkout the basement and the roof

Re: gates isn't so bad

I've been inside twice but they have since tightened security (I got cought trying for the third time) I know there are still holes, you just have to look for them. Pictures here if you'd like to see: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=125190035&albumId=1716820

Re: gates isn't so bad

HOW TO GET INTO GATES!!!(as of June 6,2010) I have recently explored the ins and outs of Gates Rubber factory several times and can tell you quiet a bit about it. There are several ways to scale to fence including a hole on the south end i perfer but be careful of barbed wire tangled in the fence. The only way i know of getting into the actual building is by climbing the catwalks/steps/and ladders on the far north side by the power plant. After that climb, a staircase takes you over the alley running through the middle of the facility to the main roof. From there, staircases lead inside, beware of elevator shafts, low hanging wires/pipes and the terrifying climb up the water tower. Last night i noticed they cut a fourth of the ladder climbing up to the top but as a climber it wasnt much of an issue. The water tower was completely clean of spray paint last night when we were there from 12:30a.m till 4:00a.m but the next morning(by 9a.m) there were wet tags of graffiti. Something made me feel like we were not alone up there. So much for cutting the ladder to stop tagging. Also beware of the security guards that post up in front by the main gate (commonly in white sedan)or in back(west side by train yard) next to the alley way and power plant. (we recently were chased out by him) Last night two cops patrolled the southeast lot. We watched over them from above:) Check out pictures at my facebook account. im new to this journal and sgned up just to write this haha but probly wont be on much. Hope this helps and take advantage of it while itss here.Try to reach me at...http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=502909871